12 Mile High – Now Available

On their fourth studio album, 12 Mile High, Thunderball deliver 13 tracks of globe-spanning, mind-altering, cinematic music designed to bring you straight to the edge of the stratosphere. The adventure begins in a sitar-drenched den and quickly jets to the gritty streets of Philadelphia where the plot gets thickened with an herbal dub. When the clouds clear you find yourself on a bossa tinged beach with only a reggae soul 7″ in your briefcase and ticket to the penthouse suite.  12 Mile High is packed with live-instrumentation, jazzed-out guitars, deep orchestrations and floor-stomping beats. Laced with vocal performances by long-time collaborators Mustafa Akbar, Miss Johnna M and Rootz & Zeebo (of See-I), this soundtrack is destined to pull you into the fantastical world of Thunderball.

The new album is now available on iTunes and at www.eslmusic.com

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Enter the Brahmin
12 Mile High
Make Your Move
Dub Science
Low Down Weather
I C Colors
Flippin It On
Rico Ritmo
Rio Mescalito
Moon on the Rise
To Catch a Vixen
Penthouse Soul

12 Mile High

Download an exclusive preview of the title track, 12 Mile High, from URB Magazine.