12 Mile High Remixed – Out Now!

We are proud to announce the release of 12 Mile High Remixed out now on ESL Music!

On “12 Mile High Remixed,” Thunderball has invited some of their favorite producers from around the globe to remix the original songs from their album “12 Mile High” taking the tracks to new stratospheric heights and uncharted sonic realms. The remixes cross a wide selection of contemporary electronic music genres including: Lounge, Dub, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Dub Step and House.

Zeb “The Spy from Cairo” begins the journey with his remix of “Dub Science” which traverses the nether regions of Arab soundscapes and Balkan dub. Spain’s, Al Lindrum, strips down the album’s title track to it’s core with driving, percussive breaks and tripped out sitars. QDUP Foundation’s remix of “I C Colors” brings a psychedelic soul breaks vibe which summons the Funkadelic mothership home. Rhythm & Culture producers, Thomas Blondet and Second Sky create an incredible cinematic soundtrack to “Rio Mescalito” that pays homage to classic ’70s cop show funk. Mash & Munkee continue the soundtrack with a soul jazz version of “Flippin’ It On.” DC’s new latin Dons, the Empresarios bring a late night house vibe to “Low Down Weather.” The party continues with Thunderball putting on their Fort Knox Five hat to bring a electro breaks version of the reggae-tinged anthem “Moon on the Rise.” Mo’ Horizons alter ego, Sono Rhizmo flips things up with their sun-drenched latin remix of “Rico Ritmo.” To show their love for all things drum and bass, Thunderball invited D&B heavyweights Drumagick and the Basement Freaks to deliver monster remixes of “Make Your Move.” Canadian based producers, the Knight Riderz drop a lazer-bass bomb with their twisted, low frequency remix of “Enter the Brahmin.” JPOD the Beat Chef cooks up a mid-tempo stepper with his take of “12 Mile High.” Long time friend and collaborator, Ursula 1000 delivers an electric-rainbow, disco breaks remix of “I C Colors.” The clandestine Mexicans with Guns unload both barrels with their ghettotech remix of “Rio Mescalito” which was featured on RCRD LBL. Ghost’s on Tape Remix of “Runaway” which features ethereal vocals in the middle of an illegal warehouse party circa 1993 has already been lauded by XLR8R magazine. And ESL producer and See-I keyboardist, Enea closes out the compilation with his dubbed out, future sounds remix of “Dub Science.”

Collected into one amazing package, “12 Mile High Remixed” delivers 16 DJ-friendly tracks that cross through the many genres of today’s diverse electronic music landscape and are sure to rock dancefloors worldwide.

12 Mile High Remixed Tracklisting

01 Dub Science (Zeb Remix)
02 12 Mile High (Al Lindrum Remix)
03 I C Colors (QDUP Foundation Remix)
04 Rio Mescalito (Thomas Blondet & Second Sky Remix)
05 Flippin' It On (Mash & Munkee Remix)
06 Low Down Weather (Empresarios Remix)
07 Moon on the Rise (Fort Knox Five Remix)
08 Rico Ritmo (Sono Rhizmo' Remix)
09 Make Your Move (Basement Freaks Remix)
10 Enter the Brahmin (Knight Riderz Remix)
11 12 Mile High (JPOD the Beat Chef Remix)
12 I C Colors (Ursula 1000 Remix)
13 Make Your Move (Drumagick Remix)
14 Rio Mescalito (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
15 Runaway (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
16 Dub Science (Enea Remix)

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The new album is available July 12th on iTunes and on CD at www.eslmusic.com

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